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Terms & Conditions

Your Account:
To maintain an account with It’s Your Mojo, we require an active authorisation by credit card. Your credit card details will be stored by an industry-leading Secure Payment Gateway. This is an auto-debit; if you do not give notice, you will continue to be charged on a monthly basis.

Trainers and instructors are not responsible for the supervision and care of participants during the session, except as otherwise expressly required by law.
It’s Your Mojo does not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage or loss sustained by any participant as a result of his or her participation at the service due to any cause whatsoever, unless caused by the proven negligence of this service.

Members are accountable for choosing and participating in the activities of their own will. Participants in fitness sessions are encouraged to use common sense when engaging in the session and be mindful of their abilities. In addition, It’s Your Mojo encourages members to seek advice and guidance from their health care professional if they are unsure of any physical activity. Participants with pre-existing medical conditions, injuries and/or disability that may affect their participation in the online activity should seek medical advice to confirm their suitability for participation in the session.

An adult must supervise children at all times during the online lessons. Instructors are not responsible for children’s physical safety during the lesson, especially when using scissors or dance/fitness sessions. We advise children to activate the mute function during the sessions, except when an interactive class and instructors engage them in conversation.

We may take pictures of the completed creative work for use on the It’s Your Mojo website and social media pages.

The It's Your Mojo Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

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