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Children's Singing Lessons and  Music Course by Its Your Mojo

Singing Lessons for Children

There is something very special about the sound of a little voice singing; it’s the sound of joy! Singing is incredibly beneficial for children’s development and is essential to the early years stages.

Language Development
Singing is a wonderful way to build a child’s vocabulary, it exposes them to knew words and concepts in a fun and engaging way. Through singing children are introduced to so many areas of learning; the grammar of language, sentence construction, rhythm and rhyme, and word order. Even before speech, babies pick up on sounds and patterns, they try to copy what they hear and eventually becomes words and phrases.

A great way to support young children is to play and sing together, songs that have rhyming words and nonsense words are particularly helpful here!

Health and Wellbeing
Singing is incredibly beneficial; it is a great way to work the respiratory muscles and optimise breathing. Singing brings joy and this releases hormones that make children happy, like serotonin and dopamine.