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Quality Assurance for It’s Your Mojo Members

Professional & Tailored Service

  • We will work with you to ensure a smooth transition onto our classes and courses.

Good Communication

  • We aim to get back to you between 2-3 working days. Our working hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

  • We will communicate any concerns, suggestions or helpful tips

Quality Teaching

  • Our specialist teaching staff are experienced in their areas of work and are experienced in working with children.

Quality Resources

  • For all our classes, we aim to provide quality and engaging resources

Our Expectations

Please note all our classes run at UK time. They start on the first Monday of each month and run for the whole month. We run classes in the morning during school holidays. All our classes have a maximum of 10 children.

1. Resources

  • Parents may be required to print resources like creative writing sheets for children and also provide paper, colors and equipment for art classes.

  • Item list with suggested links will be included in communication emails

  • Ample time will be provided for ordering items before they are required in class

2.  Learning Environment

  • Lessons to take place in a quiet room away from distractions

  • Stable internet speeds of at least 5Mb upload and 10Mb download speeds

3. Missing classes:

The classes are live and interactive. We do not record the lessons. If your chid misses the class, we would not be able to compensate for it.

Safeguarding & Quality Assurance

The safety of our students is of the utmost importance. The ways UKVS ensures the zoom classes are safe and secure are described below. We also have systems in place to ensure quality remains consistent

1. Zoom links

  • We change our zoom links every month

  • We ensure our classes are password secured and have waiting room enabled

2. Recording classes

  • We record all classes, including interactive classes

  • This enables us to check footage if there are any raised concerns

3. Monitoring by Parents

  • As with any activity involved with online devices, we expect children to be monitored by their parents


Interactive Classes

By nature, our interactive classes work best when there is a level of interaction through audio, video and chat, but in order to run smoothly, there are certain expectations we have.

1. Audio & Camera

  • Audio and camera devices to be connected and working ahead of your first class

  • Cameras are to be switched on during class (if there is any reason for cameras to be switched off, please let us know in advance of classes)

  • Failure to switch on cameras during interactive classes, will result in the removal of students from the class.

  • Students must mute themselves when requested by teachers

2.  In Class

  • Arrive on time to class.

  • Students must be appropriately dressed

  • Only first names should appear on screens

  • If using phone devices, turn on “do not disturb” to avoid notifications.

3. Behaviour

  • We want to create a positive learning experience for students.

  • Consistent disruptive behaviour will result in time-out in the waiting room

  • We are an inclusive environment, and welcome SEN students.

  • Students are expected to understand that teachers are aware of the difference between disruptive behaviour that warrants a few minutes break in the waiting room, compared to a child who is struggling with change, anxiety and overwhelm.

  • Please understand everyone’s journey is different and we are here to support each other

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