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Photography Policy


Photography of children in class is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 regarding the rights of individuals to have information of a personal nature treated in an appropriate manner and the Human Rights Act 1998, protecting the privacy of individuals and families. As well as these statutory rights, restrictions on photography arise from issues of child protection and copyright in performances.

It's Your Mojo understands that photography (includes photographic prints and transparencies, video, film and digital imaging) generated by a parent (anyone with parental rights and responsibilities in relation to a pupil) at home are for the sole use of the family concerned. They are not for display, distribution any other purposes outside of that family.


Photography at home traditionally forms an enduring part of each family’s record of their child’s progress, participation, achievements and a celebration of success as well as being an established social practice. Photographs taken by parents are allowed but must not be allowed to upset the performance or smooth running of the event or affect the health and safety of the children and others. Parental photography must not include any child whose parent has refused consent for any reason.

Tutor can take pictures of completed work of children. Some performances like dance can be recorded safely for parent’s view only and will be shared only with respective parent. Parents are asked in advance whether or not they wish their children to be included in these events.

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