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Inclusion and Additional Needs Policy

The fundamental aim of It’s Your Mojo is  to provide a quality extra-curricular classes for children between the aged 4-11 years that attend our program online.

We aim to encourage all children to ‘Make a positive contribution’ to the setting supporting participation and reducing exclusion from classes thus including all cultures and all needs in terms of extra-curricular activities.

We will ensure that provisions are put in place to provide quality classes and content for each individual following the information given on their registration.

  • Respect all individuals as equally

  • Values everyone’s differences

  • Attend to the needs of each person

  • Promote accessibility.

In ensure the service is inclusive to all, It’s Your Mojo service will follow the relevant laws and guidelines as follows:

  • DfEE Circular 10/99 Social Inclusion: Pupil Support

  • DfEE Action programme for SEN 1998b

  • Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001

  • The DfES SEN Code of Practice 2001,

Policy will be reviewed and developed according to the needs of the children attending the online program.

Policy to be reviewed March 2023

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