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French Language Classes for Children

Try our Online and interactive weekly FRENCH classes for BEGINNERS or IMPROVERS that your child will enjoy


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Learning French Language for Children

The early years are actually the best time to learn a new language. Preschool aged children are great at picking up new sounds and patterns, their little minds are sponges and they absorb new information in an amazing way if play and fun activities are used.


Cognitive development

Learning a new language is a great way to get little brains thinking. As children practice, they are building their knowledge of the way language works; language patterns, sounds, similarities between languages, and tones and accent.

Children begin to build a very early sense of spelling and grammar rules and how they differ from country to country; this will help them later as they begin to explore spelling and grammar more and realise that every language has its own set of rules.

Here are some groups of words that lend themselves to fun learning activities:

  • Animal noises

  • Greetings

  • Colours

  • Body parts

  • Numbers