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IT'S YOUR MOJO are focussed on children's holistic wellbeing and creative thinking, helping children to thrive in life.

We provide after-school and holiday life skill programs that focus on developing multiple skills including logical, artistic, linguistic, interpersonal...and many more!

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Meet The It's Your Mojo Team

Prity Agarwal.jfif

Prity Agarwal – Founder & CEO

Prity is a Chartered Physiotherapist with 15+ years’ of experience. She has worked for various institution in UK including NHS and Private Practice.


Prity is a mother of two children and her belief in power of extra-curricular skills for young children led to the foundation of It’s Your Mojo. She has a vision to provide at least one skill for every child to create equality in the society for children. If curriculum is for everyone, why not extracurricular for everyone!!!


Prity holds a masters degree in Physiotherapy, a certified  accupuncturist, and reviewer for journals like BMJ and APMR.

Headshot of Nirasha Ramlugan from Its Your Mojo.

Nirasha Ramlugan 

Nirasha is an expert in Rapid Transformational & Clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT,  Reiki mastering and Quantum science healing. Whilst being a teacher (since 1994), 14 years ago she also started a therapy practice where she helps children and adults transform and heal their body by healing the mind.

She is on a path with a vision to teach children, young people and adults about healing themselves by finding their own inner doctor. She completed her MAed and her dissertation was on how meditation can improve challenging behaviour and raise attainment in children and young people, with profound results. Presently, She is pursuing her doctorate/PhD in Integrative & Natural medicine through Quantum University.

Headshot of Heather Saint - Yoga Teacher for Its Your Mojo

Heather Saint - Yoga Teacher

Heather is a lovely Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher who gained her children’s and adult 200hr yoga qualifications. She then decided to follow her passion and set up Nature’s Science Limited, alongside her partner, where they provide healing modalities for adults and children. 

Heather runs weekly sessions within SEN, state and private schools, as well as a home education community and centres for children aged 3 years to teenage years. She also provides private 1:1, family sessions and hold workshops during the school holidays. 

Heather is a passionate Yoga Teacher who loves working with children and we are delighted to have her on our team. 

Ritesh Agarwal photo. Head of Sales and Its Your Mojo

Ritesh Agarwal - Head of Sales

Ritesh is a seasoned sales professional with 15+ years’ experience in UK & European market. He has worked with CRISIL (S&P Global subsidiary) where he was instrumental in setting up new businesses. During his stint at CRISIL, he worked as Sales Director, Head of Derivatives and UK Centre Head.

Ritesh is a highly successful global leader with professional sales background. He has proven ability to develop sales strategies and identify potential business opportunities to promote growth and drive RoS.

Ritesh is a Certified Financial Analyst and MBA. 

Nikki Mansell Photo from Its Your Mojo

Nikki Mansell - CTO

Nikki is a Website Design and Creative Brand Consultant, She has over 20+ years of experience in marketing working with several companies. She also established Bee More Design in 2020. 

Nikki is a mother of two children and has spent many years trying, tasting and signing up to multiple extra-curricular activities, clubs and courses with her children, juggling their individual timetables, desires and finances!  Being a taxi service to provide them with extra-curricular fitness, excitement and friendships in all variety of activities, she would have loved to have had access to a platform like It’s Your Mojo when they were growing up through the Primary school age!


Nikki has a passion for helping her clients achieve their desired results and is proud to be associated with It’s Your Mojo.

Rhiann Ashley Photo Drama Teacher at Its Your Mojo

Rhiann Ashley - Drama Teacher

Rhiann is a freelance Drama teacher in Northamptonshire, working weekly with local primary schools to deliver a range of dance, PE, Drama, Musical Theatre and Circus classes.

Rhiann started dancing when she was 4 years old training in ballet, tap and modern. 

She spent 3 amazing years at Bath Spa University training in somatics, contact, technique, digital practice and performance she gained a variety of skills to pass on to future students. 

She has worked with the likes of James Wilton Dance Company, The Hiccup Project and Untold Dance Company and has had one of her pieces commissioned for the Holburne Museum in Bath.

Uma Manikandan Photo Art Tutor at Its Your Mojo

Uma Manikandan - Art Tutor

Uma is a committed and passionate art tutor with 6 years of experience and proven knowledge of
online and face to face art classes, dealing with children as well as adults to teach Art and
Craft like painting, sketching, Origami, pop up cards, 
Clay works, Glass painting and many

Uma has experience working in Primary Schools, with SEN and autism students and is qualified in teaching support, and a variety of art mediums.

Jane Lappage Photo - Calligraphy Tutor at Its Your Mojo

Jane Lappage - Calligraphy

My name is Jane Lappage and although I have spent my life doing calligraphy, it has been the last eight years that I finally bit the bullet and went into business properly.

I realised that after many years of finding out what didn’t work there was no one-stop place where I could get all the tried and tested products I use and needed to teach and work with. So I created my own one-stop shop that provides products, all calligraphy  services, workshops and gift vouchers.

With all these elements in place it means if you are a beginner or familiar with calligraphy you can find many great products, ideas and a perfect start to your calligraphy journey.

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